Worthewaite Farm… Patiently Farming From the Ground Up.

Located in NW Oregon, in the Coast Range Foothills, our farm is growing into a sustainable model of modern homesteading. It is here that we raise our children, pets, livestock and crops. We live happy, full and productive lives… and we eat amazing food! Join us anytime for a taste of farm living here in the great Northwest!

Write to us at ReaganAcres@gmail.com

What does a modern homestead look like? To us, it is the practice of living in sustainable, natural ways, utilizing as many of the resources we have on hand as possible. It means building healthy soil through composting, animal manures, deep mulch and cover cropping. Also, employing permaculture techniques like resource conservation, reusing & recycling, working with the seasons, reducing inputs, investing carefully and responding creatively!  


Homesteading, to us, means self-reliance, self-sufficiency, preparedness, autonomy and finding that deeper connection to the natural world. We achieve this through raising, growing, foraging, fishing, hunting and producing as much of our own food as possible.

While we aim for as much self-reliance as possible, we also dearly embrace our community spirit. In fact, in 2014, we helped found the farmers market in our small town, and it thrives yet today! We enjoy skill building and working with our hands, taking an active role in providing for our own needs, and then truly enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Examples of skills we employ:

  • firewood harvesting: gathering, splitting & stacking from our woodlot
  • fiber arts: sewing, crochet, knit, garment repair
  • brewing, fermenting
  • composting, wood chipping
  • chicken & duck keeping (eggs, meat and pest control)
  • rabbit keeping (meat, manure, pelts)
  • dairy goat keeping and cheese making
  • gardening: herbs, produce, fruit, vegetables, berries
  • food preservation: canning, dehydrating, fermenting, smoking
  • foraging and hunting (large, small game, archery, rifle)
  • carpentry, woodworking, building, crafting
  • mechanical, repair, maintenance

Daily chores on the farm mostly entail the feeding & care of all animals; weekly chores include mucking the goat barns, procuring/mixing/storing feeds, and food prep for homemade meals; but within the seasons of the year, you may find us performing these enjoyable homesteading tasks around the farm, especially on the weekends:

  • Spring
    • kidding baby goats
    • hatching/rearing baby chicks/ducklings
    • foraging for spring edibles
    • starting seeds and planting the garden
    • cleaning chicken coops
  • Summer
    • maintaining the growing garden
    • harvesting, preserving
    • milking dairy goats and making cheese
    • gathering firewood
    • yard maintenance, weeding
  • Autumn
    • raking, composting fallen leaves and spent garden materials
    • archery hunting for deer, elk, bear
    • making cider & grape juice
    • tuning tractor, log splitter, wood chipper, tools
    • foraging mushrooms
    • breeding dairy goats
    • a lot of food preservation!
  • Winter
    • pruning fruit trees, grapes
    • making wine, spirits
    • time for planning & reading
    • rotating, taking inventory
    • sprouting (for people and animals)
    • making & giving holiday gifts
    • a lot of baking!

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