Monthly Archives: March 2014

What’s in a name?

What is it about a name that is so important? Does the name conjure up an image? A memory? Does it have significance? Yes. All of these things and more. Think about your own name. Your pet’s name. Your mom’s name. Names are given to those we love. People, places, even farm animals! You may have known us as Trotter Creek Farm. Recently, we asked ourselves: what’s in a name? How will our farm name connote something important and personal about us? Yes, we chose a play on words, but their meaning is clear. The good things in life come to those who wait. Life is what you make of it, and if it is something important enough to wait for, then it’s really something. Welcome to the new blog site for Worthewaite Farm. New name, same great farm.


Thank you for visiting the Worththewait Farm blog. Here you will find updates about our little farm, where we are patiently learning to raise produce, herbs, poultry, rabbits, dairy goats and children… all from the ground up! Just as plants need soil to anchor and nourish them, so do we all need good foundations in our lives. Finding our little farm, just like we found each other, was “worth the wait.” We hope you’ll enjoy our journey as much as we do. Thanks for following along! ~ Sonia and Patrick