A real (and really good!) apple fritter!

December 31st, 2021. A fine ending to a really rough year! Snow has been on the ground since Christmas Day, temperatures have been well below freezing, intermittent power outages, a huge downed tree that also caused a broken facet, and many days without internet or phone (at the time of this post we are still out, but using a cell phone hotspot.) While I love the snow, the chore load here has really increased, especially since I am the only able-body right now. But no complaints… and I’ve really enjoyed extra time spent with family, my animals, and especially in the kitchen!

Happy New Year, everyone! I woke up this morning at first light, restoked the fire, filled my usual 8 buckets with hot water for the animals (I am hand carrying 24 gallons of water twice daily out to the herds & flocks on the farm these days), started our coffee, and then thought about how much I wanted a simple sweet treat to enjoy, too. (Right before New Year’s healthy eating resolutions kick in, right?)

However, we don’t eat too many sweets, and I certainly wasn’t making a trip to town (the snow melted just enough yesterday that all the slush is solid ice today) so I would have to make something yummy for us to enjoy on my own. There has been a recipe circulating online for an “Amish Apple Fritter” but it calls for an obscene amount of sugar, and in fact, doesn’t turn out the way intended (picture black, smoky fry oil… and black, gooey, fall-apart fritters… yuck!) I know this, because I tried it. Oops. Felt awful wasting all those good ingredients, too!

I should have known better. The scientist in me understands how baking works and how ingredients interact… and I should have know that 1:2 parts sugar to flour was unnecessary, even in a confection like an apple fritter. So, what to do, but create my own! A bit of trial and error, but the resulting recipe turns out a simple, healthy and very enjoyable fritter in just a few minutes. In fact, the recipe comes together even before the frying oil is hot!

A real (and really good) apple fritter!

Sonia’s Fritter Recipe:

In a small bowl mix together 1 cup flour (I used Azure’s OG Unifine Bread Flour), 1 tsp baking powder, ½ tsp sea salt, and 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice.

In a separate medium sized bowl, mix together 1 egg, 2 TBSP cane sugar and 1/3 cup milk. Gently incorporate the flour mix into egg mix – but don’t overdo it or the fritters will be tough!

Gently fold in 1 cup apple pieces (peeled, cored and diced into ½” uniform sizes) – and again, don’t overdo it – just fold in gently until evenly dispersed.

Meanwhile, heat 2” oil (I used a high heat coconut/olive oil blend) to exactly 375 degrees – you WILL need a thermometer for this – in a deep pot (I use a deep cast iron skillet).

Carefully scoop out a dollop of dough (about 1/3 cup or so) and gently place in the center of hot oil, then quickly and carefully use two forks to spread the dough out into a disk shape. Mine were about 4″ across.

Cook ~ 1 min. until golden brown on the bottom (the fritter will float in the oil) and then carefully turn over with tongs. Cook ~ 1 min. more, then remove from the oil to drain on a cooling rack. Repeat with the remaining dough.

(This makes about 6 large fritters, but the recipe may be easily doubled.)

Optional: while the fritters are cooling, but are still warm, glaze them by drizzling with a powdered sugar glaze. (I make my own powdered sugar using OG cane sugar blended with a dash of cornstarch in my food processor or blender.) Mix 1-2 TBSP milk into ~ ½ cup powdered sugar with a small spoon, then drizzle over the warm fritters.

Serve with your favorite hot beverage (and in our case, alongside eggs and sausage) for a completely awesome breakfast treat!

This fritter recipe can be made with other fresh or dried fruits such as strawberries, apricots, or blueberries. Did you make this? If so, please let me know! Especially if you have any tips/tricks to add to the instructions. ReaganAcres@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!!

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