Registered Mini-Nubian Dairy Goats – Herd for Sale!

We are selling our dairy goat herd, though we will be working diligently, and unrushed, to find just the right buyer to continue caring for this lovely goat family. Preference will go a local, experienced goat farmer, and to a sale that can keep the goats together as a herd.

For over 10 years, we have been keeping quality, healthy, holistically-raised, registered Mini-Nubian dairy goats. Parts of our own hearts, souls, blood, sweat and even tears are in each and every one of them. It is bittersweet to realize that it is time for these goats to move to a new family, on a new farm. Our family’s health needs to take front seat right now, as we have collectively experienced 3 major surgeries in the past 10 months and are once again facing another. Caring for these beautiful creatures becomes burdensome in times like these.

We will be available to mentor the new goat herders, as much of our foundational knowledge was blessedly achieved through mentorship by experienced folks who are also now dear friends; other skills and knowledge we have learned along the way through our own beautiful, or difficult experiences. If a local farm buys these goats, we may even be available to help with respite care and relief milking (something that can be challenging to arrange!)

Sale includes 8 goats: 5 does in milk, ready to re-breed this fall, 1 doeling that may be bred late winter, and two unrelated bucklings; asking an average of $500 per animal – and will make a package deal. Also available are two young wethers, and several other mature bucks. This herd could be split into two groups (3 does and a buck with optional wether), or even just the does sold as a group, though our preference is to sell all together and we will pursue those offers first.

This upcoming season is bound to yield some stellar goats and dairy producers, as we will be breeding our F3-F6 does with our new F4 blue-eyed buck and our new F7 polled buck! We can also sell our herdsire, Heath. All bucks have heavy dairy lines behind them.

Each goat has their own unique personality and best traits, and the prices reflect these goats’ dairy qualities, excellent health, gentle temperament and stand-trained manners. Email for registration information, for more photos/videos, and to schedule a visit to see the herd!

Please email Sonia at to inquire about goats for sale. We will make a package deal to the right buyer, but are also willing to take names of those interested in a smaller purchase of fewer animals in the event that we cannot sell the herd intact.

View details on all the goats here:

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